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Main Line Section
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Dandaleith-Rothes, opened 24/12/1858 (goods/passengers), closed 6/5/1968 (passengers), 4/11/1968 (goods) Elgin-Rothes, opened 1/1/1862 (goods/passengers), closed 6/5/1968 (all)
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The GNSR route from Keith Junction to Elgin was abandoned by British Railways, in favour of the Highland Rly metals.  Part of this GNSR route later became the Keith & Dufftown Rly.
Aberdeen-Kittybrewster, opened 4/11/1867 (goods/passengers)
Kittybrewster-Huntly, opened 19/9/1854 (official) 12/9/1854 (goods) 20/9/1854 (passengers)
Huntly-Keith Jct., opened10/10/1856 (official) 11/10/1856 (goods) 11/10/1856  (passengers)
Kittybrewster-Waterloo, opened 24/9/1855  (goods) 1/4/1856 (passengers)
Keith Jct-Dufftown, opened 19/2/1862 (goods) 21/2/1862 (passengers), closed 1/10/1985 (goods), 1/4/1991 (passengers)
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O-R = Orton (I&AJR) to Rothes line,  built by Morayshire Rly, opened on 23/8/1856, closed on 31/7/1866 (once the line from Elgin (GNSR) to Rothes was built).  
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Macduff Line
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The GNSR Main Line, Lossiemouth and Coast Sections form a junction with the Highland Railway at Elgin.
Dufftown-Dandaleith, opened 1/7/1863 (goods/passengers), closed 6/5/1968 (passengers), 15/11/1971 (goods)
M = Mortlach Section, served a number of Distilleries in Dufftown