Strathspey Section
The railway between Craigellachie and Boat of Garten was built by the Strathspey Railway. Craigellachie to Nethybridge opened 1/7/1863 (goods/passengers) Nethybridge to Boat of Garten opened 28/7/1866 (official), 1/8/1866 (goods/passengers) Not shown are Knockando House platform (a private platform for the Laird; later an unadvertised halt), Dailuaine Halt (opened by L&NER) and 4 “bus-stop” halts opened by BR (Imperial Cottages Halt, Gilbey’s Cottages Halt, Dalvey Farm Halt and Ballifurth Farm Halt). The Section closed 18/10/1965 (passengers), 4/11/1968 (goods west of Aberlour), 15/11/1971 (remainder).
Strathspey Main Line   
 Strathspey Section video Strathspey Then and Now videomontage of still photos.