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Kintore Station
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Kintore Station was closed in 1964, as part of the Beeching cuts. Re-opening is expected in May 2020, as part of the upgrade of the Aberdeen to Inverness line, which will also see the Aberdeen to Inverurie section re-doubled.
Locomotives Coaches Wagons Lines & Stations Signalling Buses People Bibliography date unknown B1 61147 Up Fish Train on 18/6/1949 Looking West.  Branchline Society Railtour  05/06/1965 Looking East Looking East Looking East.  Goods Train for Alford in Dock Platform Loop, August 1959 Looking West.  LGRP, 1937 Looking west with SB in distance Postcard. View from west of station.  01/11/1905 Looking Weat Signalling Diagram