Family Research
National Archives of Scotland Anyone researching family connections with the GNSR may find what they are looking for in the surviving staff records of the GNSR. Most of these have passed to the National   Archives   of   Scotland and are available for examination in West Register House, Charlotte Square, Edinburgh. Refer to their website, , for access details, but please note that some or all of these volumes may be stored off-site and require 2 days notice for access. Relevant sections include:- BR/GNS/4 Miscellaneous Books and Records 16 1858-69 List of Company's servants to be supplied with clothing, including details of articles supplied 17 1863-70 Details of staff at stations and offices, showing salaries paid and duties performed. 22 1866-73 Clerical indenture papers for Alexander Gault and George Stephenson. BR/GNS/15 Staff Records 1-6 1870-1929 Offence Books 7-12 1885-1896 Register of changes in working staff, passenger department 12-20 1865-1920 Register of staff at Stations, passenger department 21-23 1867-1927 Register of Staff - Superintendents department 24 1912-1914 Paybills - passenger superintendents department, Aberdeen 25 1910-1922 Allowances paid to retired servants 26 1926-1935 Staff Book - salaried and wages staff at stations 27 ??-1930 Staff Register, Inverurie Works 28 1915-18 Register of staff at stations (Accountant's copy) O'Dell Collection There is also material in the O'Dell collection - see for details. The O'Dell collection is on open access. There is also a Register of Applicants covering similar dates. Other A number of accidents to railway staff have been documented on the Railway Work, Life & Death project. Follow this link to see details of the 45 members of staff who have been identified. Some staff images can be seen in our Photo Gallery [link to Photo Gallery]
If you are looking for Station Masters, you will find that prior to around 1900, they were often referred to as Station Agents. This reflects the fact that they were the Agent of the company for their particular area and were expected to deal with any commercial questions which arose.