In addition to the books currently available new, direct from GNSRA (click here for details), the titles listed below have been found to be useful sources of reference. A few are in print; others can only be found in second-hand bookshops or on websites. Amazon and eBay are worth perusing, as well as more-specialist websites. The Great North of Scotland Railway: A New History, by David Ross, pub. Stenlake Publishing Ltd., 2015, ISBN 978-1-84033-701-3 A History of the Great North of Scotland Railway, by Sir Malcolm Barclay-Harvey, pub. Ian Allan Ltd., 1998, ISBN 0 7110 2592 4 Little and Good:The Great North of Scotland Railway, by Anon, pub. The Stephenson Locomotive Society, 1972, ISBN (none) Great North Memories:Scenes of the North East's Own Railway, by KJP, pub. GNSRA, 1978, ISBN (none) Great North Memories:Scenes of the North East's Own Railway no.2, by Anon, pub. GNSRA, 1981, ISBN 0 902 34302 5 The Royal Deeside Line, by A D Farr, pub. David & Charles, 1968, ISBN 7153 4273 8 The Great North of Scotland Railway (History of the Railways of the Scottish Highlands, volume 3), by H A Vallance, pub. David St. John Thomas and GNSRA, 1989 ISBN 0-946537-42-9 Great North of Scotland Railway Album, by A E Glen, I A Glen with A G Dunbar, pub. Ian Allan, 1980, ISBN 1-85648-188-3 The Story and Tales of the Buchan Line, compiled by Alan H Sangster, pub. Oxford Publishing Co., 1983, ISBN 86093 179 X Inverurie Loco Works: The Inside Story, by Jimmy Brown, pub. J Brown, undated, ISBN 0 9522706 4 1 The Deeside Line, by Dick Jackson, pub. GNSRA, 1994, ISBN 0 902343 06 8 Stories of Royal Deeside's Railway, by A Derek Farr, pub. Kestrel Books, 1971, ISBN 903174 01 4 The following titles cover other Railways in addition to GNSR:- The Railways of Aberdeen:150 Years of History, by K G Jones, pub. GNSRA, 2000, ISBN 0 902343 10 6 A Regional History of the Railways of Great Britain: volume 15:The North of Scotland, by John Thomas & David Turnock, pub. David & Charles, 1989, ISBN 0-946537-03-8 The Railways of Scotland: Papers of Andrew C O'Dell, by Roy Mellor, pub. Centre for Scottish Studies, undated, ISBN 0 906265 02 9 Other useful resources include the O’Dell collection at the University of Aberdeen and the Grampian Transport Museum, Alford (which includes the GNSRA Study Room).