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Road services were initially operated without specific Parliamentary authority but the Great North of Scotland  Railway Order, 1906, under the Private Legislation (Scotland) Act, 1899, granted such powers. These powers  were taken over by the LNER, who obtained more general powers for road motor operation under the London  & North Eastern Railway (Road Transport) Act, 1928.  On 15 August 1929, the LNER and LMSR reached agreement whereby the railway companies would relinquish  their passenger road services in favour of one of the companies in the Scottish Motor Traction Co. Ltd. group  (SMT).  The transfer took effect in stages during 1930.  The dates quoted are those from whence a service commenced or ceased, i.e. the first date when there was  no service.  This is in line with normal railway records practice.  Route take-overs are quoted from the date the  new operator took over.  The fare stages are shown for each route, with the Ordnance Survey references based on the mileage taken  from the GNSR Working Timetables.  Further information on GNSR and LNER road motor services can be found in Cummings Railway Motor Buses  and Bus Services in the British Isles, 1902-1933, Volume 1.  [REWRITE APPROPRIATELY] The service routes can be found by using the links above. There are links back  to this page or the site map from each individual route listing.  (If you have any comments please contact the  webmaster).