Macduff Section
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The Banff, Macduff and Turriff Junction Railway connected Turriff to the GNSR main line at Inveramsay. A separate company, the Banff, Macduff and Turriff Extension Railway, built an extension to a station called Banff and Macduff (just south of what became Banff Bridge station). The junction railway, together with the junction station at Inveramsay, opened on 4/9/1857 (official) and 5/9/1857 (goods/passengers); the extension opened on 4/6/1860 (goods/passengers). Both railways were absorbed by GNSR on 1/8/1866, and the line was extended 1⁄2-mile (0.80 km) to a new Macduff station on 1/7/1872 (goods/passengers). The Macduff Section closed on 1 October 1951 (passengers), completely north of Turiff on 1 August 1961 and the remaining line on 3 January 1966
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