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Coast and Lossiemouth Sections
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Portsoy Harbour
Spey Bay
Rifle Range Greens of Drainie Linksfield Coast Coast Lossiemouth
The first parts of the Coast Section were laid by the Banff,  Portsoy & Strathisla Railway (headquartered in Banff), as part of its main line from Grange via Tillynaught to Banff Harbour.   From Tillynaught, a branch of 3.25 miles led to Portsoy.  The  line from Grange to Portsoy opened on 30/7/1859  (goods/passengers). The Act of 21/7/1863 authorised extension from Portsoy  onwards to Port Gordon, and provided that GNSR would  contribute £80,000 of the cost thereof.  Shortage of money  prevented this work being started. After much negotiation, the Act of 12/8/1867 amalgamated  the Banffshire Railway with GNSR and gave powers to  abandon the extension to Port Gordon. The section from Portsoy to Tochieneal opened on 1/4/1884. From Elgin to Garmouth opened on 12/8/1884. From Tochieneal to Garmouth opened on 5/4/1886 (goods), 1/5/1886 (passengers). The (very steep) Portsoy Harbour branch was little used from about 1885, until the tracks were finally lifted in 1910. The whole Coast Section closed on 6/5/1968 (goods/passengers), although the chord from Grange to Grange North Jct. had closed on 7/3/1960.
The Lossiemouth Section was the earliest railway north of Aberdeen  and was built by the Morayshire Rly.  Elgin to Lossiemouth opened  10/8/1852 (official), 11/8/1852 (goods/passengers) and closed  6/4/1964 (passengers), 28/3/1966 (goods)
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