Back in 2007, GNSRA published its Abstract no. 35 “Great North of Scotland Railway Wagons: Details of all Wagons at the Grouping” (left), which contained extensive details, including photographs and dimensioned line drawings, of GNSR wagon stock. This Abstract - now unfortunately out of print - is available to GNSRA members only as a free PDF copy, which may be downloaded from https://groups.io/g/gnsrachat/files To join GNSRA - click here to find out about membership. To join gnsrachat group (GNSRA members), click here to send an email to the Editor, who is group administrator.
The GNSR wagon stock reflected the nature of its traffic, much of which was agricultural. The company did not serve any heavy industries, but did carry the output of several granite quarries. The whisky and fishing industries were important sources of traffic. Loco coal wagons were required, but coal for domestic use was carried in wagons provided either by the sender or the few local coal merchants who had their own rolling stock. Stock Levels The revenue goods stock, at 31 December 1922, consisted of the following vehicles:- 2,625 open box wagons (2,583 of 8-12 ton capacity and 42 of 12-20). 27 of these were specifically designated as "Loco Coal" wagons. 565 covered goods wagons (66 of <8 tons capacity and 499 of 8-12 tons) 262 cattle trucks, which includes 28 equipped for passenger train operation. 79 timber and rail wagons 1 tank wagon 67 "Ordinary" brake vans 4 "Special" brake vans 66 meat vans (equipped for passenger train operation and classified in Passenger diagram book) There were 97 vehicles classified as Service Stock:- 74 ballast wagons 2 mess and tool vans 2 breakdown cranes 1 travelling crane 18 miscellaneous vehicles Classification The classification of vehicles is based on the Goods Stock diagram books issued by the L&NER (NSA). No equivalent GNSR source has been found. The vehicle types are:- Diagram Description 1-2 8 ton Low Sided 3-5 8 ton Open Goods 6-10 10 ton Open Goods 11 10 ton Open Goods 12 16 ton Open Goods 13 8 ton Coke 14 8 ton Covered Goods 15-16 10 ton Covered Goods 17 8 ton Covered Goods 18 8 ton Cattle Wagon 19 10 ton Vitriol Tank Wagon 20-23 Goods Brake Van 24 Special Goods Brake Van 25 Fish Truck 26-27 8 ton Timber Wagon 28 10 ton Bolster Wagon 29 Twin Coupled Bolster Wagon 30 12 ton Furniture Van Wagon 31 20 ton Furniture Van Wagon 32 15 ton Agricultural Implement Wagon 33 8 ton Ballast Wagon 34 10 ton Ballast Wagon 35 12 ton Hopper Ballast Wagon 36 8 ton Sleeper Wagon 37 Ballast Plough and Brake Van Vehicles included in the Passenger Diagram Book:- 66-69 Meat Vans 75 8 ton Covered Goods 76 cattle wagon