Oldmeldrum Section
The Inverury (old spelling) & Old Meldrum Junction Railway constructed the line, opening on 26/6/1856 (official), 1/7/1856 (passengers), 6/7/1856 (goods). It was worked from the start by GNSR, which had subscribed £2,000 towards the capital cost. The line was unprofitable and was leased to GNSR in 1858, being absorbed by it on 1/8/1866, as part of GNSR’s consolidation of branches. Following Grouping, L&NER closed the line to passengers on 2/11/1931. The goods service lasted until closed by Beeching on 3/1/1966. In 2011/12, the original Victorian station building at Oldmeldrum was dismantled and beautifully restored at (the new) Milton of Crathes station on the Royal Deeside Railway.
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