Mortlach Section
Just to the east of what is now the B9014, a siding was provided by GNSR on 5 October 1891 to serve Parkmore Limestone Quarry (1 and below). In 1900, a line was built from this siding down to Mortlach Distillery (2 and below right) and an adjacent woolen mill, serving the Glendullan Distillery (3) on the way.
The Parkmore to Mortlach branch (later the Mortlach section) was built on private land, except for a level crossing at Crachie (left), where it crossed what is now the A941. This was built without Parliamentary authority and GNSR was taken to court by the Dufftown Police Commissioners, but the issue was eventually settled. The section was worked from the Dufftown end. The ground frame controlling the section was released using the Dufftown - Drummuir key token and the GNSR Goods Agent at Parkmore was personally responsible for it. When the train was safely “locked into” the section and the points restored for the main line, he was required to lock the token in his office, except that the main line was often required for use as a headshunt, when lime was being weighed. If the main line were required for the passage of trains whilst the Mortlach section was in use, the Agent had to set and lock the points for the main line and send the token to Dufftown Station by messenger. Eventually the token would be returned to Parkmore by the same method, for the release of the imprisoned train. The southern part, to Mortlach, closed on 23 March 1964 and the remainder - serving Glendullan Distillery and Parkmore - on 7 November 1966. And finally, a few more shots of the Parkmore sidings. The views below left and right are from the north. The views bottom left and below right are from the south.
GNSR Mainline Coaches Dufftown Kirktown of Mortlach A941 B9014 Drummuir Dufftown Stn. Fiddich Fiddich 500 yards B9009 A941 Dullan Water 1 3 2 200721 Useful if you wish to order your whisky by telegram.