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The Association was formed in 1964 to bring together all those interested in the Great North of Scotland Railway,  throughout its history. The founders of GNSRA realised the need for a dedicated body devoted to the study of a  specific railway, at a time when few such societies existed.  More than fifty years later, much has been learned but  - as new sources of information appear - new avenues of research continue to open up.  There is still much to be  unearthed.  Currently our membership stands at over 300, spread all over the country, with a number from Europe and  beyond.  Meetings are held regularly in Aberdeen and its surrounding area. Members' interests vary widely, from  historical to present day, from research to modelling.  GNSRA has built up an extensive photographic and drawing collection, much of which has now been digitised.   The collection includes many original drawings rescued from GNSR's Inverurie Works. Material of significant  importance is lodged with local libraries or at the Grampian Transport Museum, to ensure conservation and safe-  keeping. The Association has a proud record of original research and publishes much material about all aspects of the  GNSR and its constituent lines.  Books published by GNSRA may be purchased here. [At the time of writing (Autumn 2019), GNSRA is intending to register with the Office of the Scottish Charity  Regulator (OSCR) as a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO).  This will probably happen during  the year 2020.]  In the early days of the Association, many members would recall with affection the pre-grouping scene but now not  many even remember the days of the (original) LNER. But there is still plenty to interest members, so why not  consider joining us (click here)? 
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GNSRA - The Association
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