In September 1940 three German spies named Werner Walti, Vera Eriksen and Karl Drucke were landed by seaplane. After coming ashore by dinghy, Eriksen and Drucke had walked to Portgordon station in the early morning, intending to catch the train. The two strangers had to ask the name of the station, as wartime regulations meant that no name board was displayed. This aroused suspicion, not helped by their wet clothing and shoes - further enhanced by Drucke indicating the name Forres station on the timetable, which he pronounced as "Forrest". Upon payment, Drucke displayed a wallet that was bulging with banknotes and tried to pay with far too large a note. Stationmaster Donald phoned the local policeman. The stranger's identity cards, which had a continental style of writing and no immigration stamp, meant the game was up and the two were arrested. The third spy, Werner Walti, had gone to Buckpool station and was eventually arrested in Edinburgh. The trio had intended to spy on the military facilities in the area, especially airfields, in preparation for the German invasion.
Port Gordon Station
Coast/Lossie Line Map A class 26 leaves Portgordon with the 1.52pm Elgin to Aberdeen on 13 Apr 1968,