Banff Section
This Section was laid by the Banff, Portsoy & Strathisla Railway (BP&SR), headquartered in Banff, as part of its main line from Grange to Banff Harbour. From Tillynaught, a branch of 3.25 miles led to Portsoy. The BP&SR opened on 30/7/1859 (goods/passengers), but was impoverished from the start. The working of the line was taken over by GNSR (who renamed it the Banffshire Railway), as from 1/2/1863. Amalgamation followed, as from 12/8/1867. Ordens Halt disappeared from the timetable by 1864, although continued as a conditional stop. More than 50 years later, it briefly reappeared in Bradshaw’s from January 1917 to 1920. In 1913, halts were opened at Bridgefoot and at Golf Club House. The passenger service was closed on 6/7/1964, with goods traffic lasting until 6/5/1968.
Banff Railway Scotland
Banff to Tillynaught Junction