Buckpool Station
Coast/Lossie Line Map 21 Oct 1954
Buckpool station opened as “Nether Buckie”, being renamed “Buckpool” on 1 January 1887. It was closed to passengers on 7 March 1960, eight years before the closure of the line itself. Passengers were redirected to Buckie Station.
In September 1940, a German spy named Robert Petter (real name Werner Walti) had been landed by seaplane and after coming ashore in a dinghy had walked to Buckpool railway station, just missing his train connection to Buckie. One of the staff suggested that he might try catching a bus to Buckie station where he could catch a connecting train. The bus conductress remembered Petter because he had given her a 10 shilling note when the fare was only a penny. He had a two-hour wait at Buckie for an Edinburgh train. Upon arriving there, he was soon arrested. His two colleagues had already been arrested at Portgordon station , after similarly suspicious behaviour. The trio had intended to spy on the military facilities in the area, especially airfields, in preparation for the German invasion.