On 30/07/1859, the Banff, Portsoy and Strathisla Railway (BP&SR) was opened, including the very steep onward link from Portsoy (1st) down a cutting with several overbridges to Portsoy Old Harbour (half a mile). This meant that the harbour lines of both Banff and Portsoy were laid by the BP&SR (known, after 1863, as the Banffshire Railway and absorbed by the GNSR). The harbour line was worked with only a single wagon, behind a tank engine. It closed in 1888, shortly after the opening of the Moray Coast line through Portsoy (2nd), which connected to more accessible harbours further west, e.g. Cluny at Buckie. The harbour line rails remained in place until 1910.
Portsoy Harbour Line
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