In 1593 the construction of Peterhead's first harbour, Port Henry, encouraged the growth of Peterhead as a fishing port. It was improved in 1631, and repaired before the end of the century and again early in the 18th century. The south pier was increased in height and the west pier was built. The southern part was reconstructed in 1775 - 1781 by John Smeaton, with improvements carried out by John Rennie in 1806 -1810, He also oversaw an addition to the west pier in 1813. North Harbour and the dry dock were built by Rennie and Thomas Telford in 1818 - 1822. The junction canal was built in 1849, while the south and west piers of North Harbour were built by David Stevenson in 1855. The southern part of North Harbour (Middle Harbour) dates from 1872. The Harbour of Refuge was begun in 1886. Peterhead railway station was opened by the Formartine & Buchan Railway on 03/07/1862. There was a large goods yard north of the station. The Harbour Line ran from the goods yard, round the then- outskirts of the town (see map) to the harbour. It was cut back to Port Henry, where a new set of sidings was installed, in 1900. Final closure came in 1939, with the track being lifted in 1947. The two photographs show views of the track bed.
Peterhead Harbour Line
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