Banff Harbour Line
The line serving Banff was opened on 30/07/1859 (goods/passengers) by the Banff, Portsoy and Strathisla Railway (BP&SR), which was headquartered in Banff. A temporary terminus at Banff was followed a year later by a permanent station and the laying of the line to the originally-intended terminus of Banff Harbour (goods only). The harbour line ran through the goods yard, past the gasworks and down to the end of the central jetty, whch divided the inner and outer harbours. Banff itself had an island platform, with tracks on either side. The south track was covered by a trainshed; the north not. An engine shed and a workshop (served by a wagon turntable) lay to the south west of the passenger station. The goods yard was to the north east. This meant that the harbour lines of both Banff and Portsoy were laid by the BP&SR (known, after 1863, as the Banffshire Railway and absorbed by the GNSR). The Banff harbour line had a very brief operational life. GNSR ceased operating to the harbour on 14/05/1868. The track was lifted in 1910.
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