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Unless otherwise specified, all items  1999 to 2020 GNSRA
The Great North Review has been published quarterly since the formation of the Association, so is one  of the oldest line society publications.  In glossy A4 format, it usually has 20 pages of text, photographs  (black & white and colour).  As well as a wide range of articles, long and short, members exchange  information and keep up to date with what is happening. All back issues of the Review have been scanned and are available to  members, as fully-searchable PDF files.  The Review reached number 223 in November 2019. Subjects in that  issue included:- Redoubling the Main Line Dyce Signal Box Berryden Junction at Kittybrewster My Railway Experience Inverurie Loco Works and its Football Club Lodging at Banchory plus the regular features of modelling news, letters, queries and comments, book reviews and news about GNSR
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The Review