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The Association has several significant photographic collections:- The collection of Sandy G Murdoch, who originally lived in Maud in Aberdeenshire and was a founding member of the Great North of Scotland Railway Association. Using some of his photographs, Sandy published a series of small photographic books, including All Rails Lead to Inverness, Peterhead Train, Cock o'the North and All Rails Lead to Aberdeen. Sandy loved the Great North of Scotland Railway and much of his material concentrates on the railways of North East of Scotland where he was a well-known figure with local railwaymen. The collection of Norris Forrest, who was another founding member of the Great North of Scotland Railway Association and active on its Committee until his untimely death in 1989. He was a familiar sight on Scottish rail tours, sporting the national dress. He was an active photographer from 1959, capturing many aspects of the railway scene, including many stations, signal boxes and other parts which were ignored by other photographers. He travelled extensively around Scotland and made several journeys round England in the early 1960s. The GNSRA b/w Archive, amassed by Dick Jackson, who was a member of GNSRA and author of a number of books of railway and local interest. The GNSRA Gallery also features members’ images that were part of the Digital Archive Project. At the time of writing (Autumn 2019), GNSRA is negotiating for the purchase of negatives or reproduction rights for images from the H.C. & R.M. Casserley Collection, which regrettably is being broken-up.
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