For lists of currently available (as at January 2020) models, kits, components, etc., specific to GNSR and the area in which it operated , please click on the Modelling button above and select a drop- down. Items are listed by scale (2mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm or 7mm to the foot). Sheets of decals are available. There is also a list of Suppliers. Please click to send email to the Modelling Officer to inform of any updates.
A range of print-your-own GNSR buildings, with textures based on photographs of actual buildings and full instructions, is available at various scales. An example (St. Combs/Cairnbulg) is shown below:-
OO gauge (other gauges available) OO gauge (other gauges available)
For further details of these kits, including how to purchase, please click to send email (proceeds are divided between GNSRA and Friends of Maud Museum).