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v2.1   Unless otherwise specified, all items  1999 to 2020 GNSRA
Website 1.0 = former GNSRA website, compiled by Griffon Website 2.0 = restructured by JFH, containing all content from v1.0 (went live 12 March 2020) Website 2.1 = cumulative incremental developments of 2.0 (went live 3 April 2020) Wagons page (DONE) Revised Home page, with rolling pictures (DONE) hit counter display (DONE) Railway interconnections to be shown on all Section maps (DONE) Creation of station pages not previously existing (DONE - 57 stations added) Additional pictures for stations with none/few currently (DONE - 103 photos added) Website 2.2 = next major release, potentially including:- enhanced Carriages page Sound recordings of former GNSR staff Paypal acceptance for publication purchase (but not subs) show on maps, etc., the Lenabo Branch, Cruden Tramway and Mortlach Section Signal/station diagrams for (some) junction station pages Website 2.3 = contingent developments:- Following conversion to SCIO, revise constitution, membership, gift aid, etc., pages Peterhead Harbour of Refuge Railway? Modify selection of photographs on home page Finalise and add Study Room access arrangements, THEN put Study Room Index on?
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