Miscellaneous Images
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The bridge over the Pitcaple to Oyne road moved after being struck by a low loader 20 May 1978 Times change - never say never.  Here's to the day that no. 49 runs again at Bo'ness During the gimmer (ewes between first and second shearing) sales of 1953 the mart drover guides his sheep onto the east bank at Kitty Goods.  He will return to the mart on his bike to bring another lot! 1953 Fat pigs trying not to go into pens at Kittybrester in 1953, the flake-(left foreground) was used to guide them in the right direction.  Rumour has it that one pig made it onto a passing tram! The cattle bank at Kitty Goods 1953, note the smoke from two of the yard pilots on the left and the sawdust and dung wagons on the right, something to ponder on next time you shop here? There is something of the Titanic captured in this post card of the Palace Hotel What Santa used till he was forced to transfer to present day road couriers