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Great North of Scotland Railway Signal Boxes

Building Dates of Boxes

Introduction | The Types

Names shown in italics refer to boxes whose type has been determined from opening date and the design of the adjacent box, in the absence of photographic evidence.

Type 1

Dyce [Photo Dr Ian Scrimgemour]1880 : Dyce S (Jct), Kinaldie

1882 : Inveramsay N, Inveramsay S, Port Elphinstone

1883 : Kittybrewster N, Kittybrewster S

1884 : Portsoy S, Tochieneal E, Rothes S

1886 : Buckie E

1891 : Crathes*

1894 : Dyce Buchan*

1898 : Cairnie, Glassaugh (or 84?)*

1903 : Banchory E*

Undated : Aberdeen Waterloo

* The boxes from 1891 onwards do not fit the choronological development, so may have been second hand.

Type 2a

1884 : Calcots E, Garmouth E, Lossie Jct, Urquhart

1886 : Buckpool, Cullen, Grange N, Insch N, Insch S, Portessie, Portknockie E, Spey Bay (or 1912?)

1887 : Glenbarry

1888 : Elgin E, Elgin C, Gartly N ,Gartly S, Mintlaw N, Mintlaw S, Murtle, Oyne, Pitcaple

1900 : Banff*

1912 : Spey Bay (or 1886?)*

*Banff, and possibly Spey Bay, are out of chronological sequence, so could have been second hand.

Type 2b

1890 : Arnage North, Arnage South, Cults E, Huntly N, Huntly S, Longside E, Longside W, Newmachar N, Newmachar S, Peterhead, Tillynaught N, Tillynaught S, Udny N, Udny S

1891 : Brucklay, Strichen

1892 : Auchterless N,Auchterless S, Ballindalloch, Bucksburn*, Culter*, Lonmay, Lumphanan, Milltimber

1893 : Ballater, Knock

1894 : Carron, Dinnet W, Drummuir E, Drummuir W, Dufftown N, Dufftown S, Grantown, Logierieve, Longmorn, Park W, Rathen, Rothienorman

by 1894 : Inverugie

1895 : Aboyne E, Aboyne W, Auchindachy S, Auchindachy N, Alford, Auchnagatt N, Auchnagatt S, Fyvie, King Edward, Oldmeldrum, Torphins W

1896 : Wardhouse

1897 : Boddam, Coleburn, Pitlurg

1898 : Newmill

1900 : Craigellachie N

1901 : Huntly Sta

1910 : Aberlour*

* Bucksburn and Culter had four pane windows (with the lower pair of panes twice the size of the upper pair. Aberlour and Culter had cement rendering below floor level instead of horizontal boarding.

Type 3a

1897 : Cruden Bay, Ellon S

1898 : Rothiemay S, Rothes N

1899 : Knockando, Park East, Drum

1900 : Turriff

1903 : Buckie Sta*

*A drawing of Buckie box in the Scottish Record Office shows that is was moved from Huntly. However, photographic evidence shows that all three boxes at Huntly were type 2b, so where Buckie came from is not known.

Type 3b

1900 : Craigellachie S

1902 : Inverurie

1904 : Fraserburgh

1905 : Keith Jct

Railway Signalling Company Hipped Roof : Kennethmont E, Kennethmont W, Craigellachie (Strathspey). : Kennethmont E, Kennethmont W, Craigellachie (Strathspey).

North British Type 8 : Maud (LNER) : Maud (LNER)

Unclassified : Aberdeen N (2), Boat of Kintore, Banchory W, Buckie W, Garmouth, Keith N, Kintore, Lossiemouth, Macduff, Maud N, Pitmedden, Spey Bay W, Tochieneal W, Torphins W, Towiemore.  

Type 1 – Portsoy, taken in May 1968 (K Fenwick 87/19)

Type 2a – Elgin Centre, June 1955 (Ian Scrimegeour)

Type 2b - Huntly South, August 1988 (K Fenwick 156/2)

Type 3a – Ellon, originally Ellon South, c1964 (Norris Forrest 202/6)

Type 3b – Keith, 1986

Railway Signalling Co – Kennethmont (originally North), June 1992 (K Fenwick 228/34)

Unclassified – Spey Bay West, an example of one of the minor boxes on the Coast Line. Photo taken about 1965. There were similar boxes at several nearby stations. (Norris Forrest 239/10)

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