GNSRA, Great North of Scotland Railway Coat of Arms.

About the Association

The Association was formed in 1964 to bring together all those interested in the railway throughout its history. The founders of the Association realised the need for a dedicated body devoted to the study of a specific railway when few such societies existed. Forty years later much has been learned but, as new sources of information have appeared, new avenues of research have opened up. There is still much to be unearthed.

Currently the membership stands around 300, spread all over the country with a number from Europe and beyond. Meetings are held regularly in Aberdeen and the surrounding area. Member's interests vary widely, from historical to present day, from research to modelling.

The Association has built up an extensive photographic and drawing collection, including in the latter original drawings rescued from Inverurie, which are accessible to members. Material of significant importance is lodged with local libraries to ensure conservation and safe keeping.

Several books have been published under the auspices of the Association. It was instrumental in the re-publication of H A Vallance’s Great North of Scotland Railway, one of the standard works on the subject which has been joined by recently be a reprint of the other standard work, Sir Malcolm Barclay-Harvey’s History of the Great North of Scotland Railway. The Association has itself published three photographic albums plus dedicated books on the Deeside and Strathspey lines. More serious research is made available in a series of Abstracts, which cover specific topics in depth.

In the early days of the Association, many members would recall with affection the pre-grouping scene but now not many even remember the days of the LNER. But there is still plenty to interest members, so why not consider joining us?

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