GNSRA, Great North of Scotland Railway Coat of Arms.

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BLS Grampian Explorer at Waterloo Goods CL156503-514 25 Aug 1991. A well patronised Wickham Railbus splutters away from Coleburn Jan 1964. Unlike some drivers, Shug liked a contemplative soothing Woodbine in the quiet of his cab before heading south, 40166, 4 April 1978.
Many thanks to Grant who let the GNSRA see this at the recent Aberdeen Model Show.
Swindon DMU 305 Platform 6 North End Aberdeen Station 1978, pictures of these units on the Buchan Line would be welcome. Swindon Class 120 set 301 does little business at platform 4 Keith Jnctn 20 May 1978. Eight days after the crash 40173 eases past DMBC51784 and TBS59684 of set 304, the bridge over the Pitcaple to Oyne road moved after being struck by a low loader 20 May 1978.
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