GNSRA, Great North of Scotland Railway Coat of Arms.

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GNSRA Docks Gallery

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Aberdeen Gas Works No. 3 proceeds sedately along Miller St. practically everything in this wonderful picture except No3, has vanished forever, 14 June 1962. Aberdeen Gas Works No. 3 on site 8 July 1963, this loco is preserved at the Grampian Transport Museum Alford. Bon Accord propels two wagons for the Gas Works along Miller Street, 14 June 1962.
"Mr.Therm" passes the junction of Miller Street and St. Clement's street as it heads for the gas works 18 May 1963. City of Aberdeen sits on the junction of Miller and St Clement's streets - the perfect place to shed it's coupling, a gas works diesel later rescued the train 04 Nov 1967. Another view of the coupling calamity on Church Street 04 Nov 1967.
D2420 avoids the traffic on Market Street, Dedicated to all those who tried to get long here in Dec 2006! 4 Nov 1962. Bannermill Sidings on the Waterloo Branch, August 1973. Waterloo somehow continued to survive the vagaries of the then current rail freight industry, the original passenger platforms are still visible on the right in 1973, Paper industry tankers leave here most days.
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