GNSRA, Great North of Scotland Railway Coat of Arms.

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GNSRA Battery Electric Multiple Unit Gallery

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BEMU at Inverurie on test trip after overhaul, 2 June 1960. BEMU at Ballater. BEMU passes the distant signal as it leaves Ballater.
BEMU recharging at Ballater, Electrics by Siemens Batteries were air cooled when charging by two large hoses, see inset for duct. BEMU SC79998-9 at Ballater, Note footsteps and tail lamp 11 Apr 1960. BEMU at Aboyne, note the lightly ballasted track, Canopy columns had lime green base with creamy white upper sections decorated with cast flowers and leaves, 11 Apr 1960.
BEMU,  Cambus O'May, 11 Apr 1960. BEMU Leaves Banchory, the tracks on the extreme right lead to the carriage sheds and turntable, 11 Apr 1960. BEMU, a superb shot of Torphins, a scene vanished without a trace save the distant road bridge, 11 Apr 1960.
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