GNSRA, Great North of Scotland Railway Coat of Arms.

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GNSRA Stations Gallery

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Auchnagatt in the early 60's, the minor box keeps guard over stored wagons at this once busy yard, one totem from here reached auction in 1986. GNSR built 3rd six wheeler at Kemnay in 1960. Tillynaught viewed from a train in 1967, three totems and a box sign survive, a young forest now grows here.
The Barry [Glennbarry] in the 1920's, the huge water tank was necessitated by the long hard climb either side of the station. Buckie June 1978. Buckie June 1978.
Kintore Station June 1963, perhaps one day trains will call at a reopened station here, this type of footbridge still exists at Insch. Dess station on 21 June 1959. A B12 reverses its train back towards Banchory Station in the early 1950's, the church on North Deeside road and cemetery help fix the location.
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