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There is something of the Titanic captured in this post card of the Palace Hotel. Elgin shed looking back towards the GNSR station the topof which is just visible to the left of the water tank, 7 July 1948. The striking shed roof at Elgin is clearly seen, a surveyor looking towards the Glen Line stands at the coaling stage with its mini hoppers, 7 July 1948.
A mechanical shovel at Elgin Shed, Chaseside of Enfield built these on a Fordson N chassis, 7 July 1948. The line to Craigellachie is on the right as it runs between Elgin Gasworks and Elgin shed, 7 July 1948. Not the most pleasant of jobs on a windy day, the siding for ash collection at Elgin Shed curiously lacks a proper buffer, 7 July 1948.
Elgin loco depot, 7 July 1948. In April 71 an 08 returns from working Kittybrewster yard and the Waterloo branch, compare this shot to the next one here in 1981. 26019 passes the site of Schoolhill Station in Oct 1981, apparently there were once plans to put a siding directly into the theatre on the left so staging, props etc could arrive by rail.
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