GNSRA, Great North of Scotland Railway Coat of Arms.

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Old Joint Station south end with Caley train on left, Deeside on right, prior to building of the new station in about 1913. Old joint station north end being demolished, dated possibly 29 Oct 1913. Undated view of Torphins probably from late GNSR days, the bridge is still there but probably due to be removed.
Probably taken in the 1920's Torphins still has a GNSR built wooden bridge, No.1081 Up refers to line heading to Aberdeen and ultimately London. Torphins was unusually blessed with two fine GNSR wooden bridges, the minor box is on the down side. Torphins minor box stands near a short steeply inclined siding at the eastern end of the station, it simultaneously prevented a catastrophe from a runaway and enabled it to achieve low orbit albeit briefly.
Buckie Station about 1909. Buckie Station about 1911. Buckie Station 1978.
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