GNSRA, Great North of Scotland Railway Coat of Arms.

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D5307 stops at Culter on 13 Jul 1966 with the penultimate freight to ever reach Ballater. Driver Frank Duncan waits at Culter before taking D5307 on the penultimate freight from Ballater to Aberdeen on 13 Jul 1966. Culter Station, 1959.
This Metropolitan Cammel unit looks brand new as it waits for a passenger or two at Culter in 1959. Culter Station, looking east on 2 Sep 1966, the last passenger train ran through here on 26 Feb 1966. Culter Station, 26 Sep 1971.
Bridge over Culter Paper Mill branch 2 Sep 1966. Looking west from just beyond Culter Station shows how steep the gradient was towards Drum, note the sand trap just off the middle of the picture, 2 Sep 1966. Looking west from Culter Station 26 Sep 1971 shows the remains of the yard and branch to the mill, houses occupy this site today.
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