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A Cravens DMU exits Aboyne tunnel on the last day of Deeside services on 26 Feb 1966. In both senses of the word, a rare view through Aboyne tunnel from a Swindon unit on the last day of Deeside services on 26 Feb 1966. The penultimate Deeside freight ex Ballater at Aboyne with D5307 on 13 July 1966.
15 years after loss of services, Aboyne Station main platform was still remarkably intact, the opposite one however was totally demolished by this time of the picture, Jan 1981. 40603 sits in the sun at Peterhead in this 1950's shot, it was first allocated to Kittybrewster in April 48 and withdrawn in 1961. An unusual angle on Peterhead Station, 80114 was one of 18 of this handsome class allocated to Kittybrewster in the 1950s, this loco arrived in may 1957.
The later build class 25-2 or 25-3's were relatively rare visitors to the Buchan Lines, an unidentified member shunts Peterhead in April 1968. D6152 with the 1.30 ex Maud heads for Mintlaw on 1 May 1965. D5307 awaits the return trip with the GNSRA's Peterhead Farewell Excursion on 5 Sept 1970.
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