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A Cravens DMU on the 12.30 ex Fraserburgh will pick up passengers from the Peterhead service which has terminated at Maud on 1 May 1965, the freight loop on the left unusually has its own platform. D6149 and D6152 at Maud with the 3.15 ex Fraserburgh and 3.20 ex Peterhead respectively on 1 May 1965, D6152 lives on albeit simply as one of its makers plates. A J36 shunts cattle wagons at Maud in the late 50's, a suprising survivor is the nearest building on the island platform, an overground air raid shelter.
A Metropolitan-Cammell DMU at Maud on the 26.5.73 with a special run by the SLS and Strathspey Railway, the trip also visited Brechin and Waterloo Goods. The view fom Kittybrewster South box in the late 50's, crews have just changed, and a Denburn P.W. man checks the track, surely this scene would continue for decades. The changeover of crews at Kittybrewster continued into the diesel era, note the steam era overalls as the class 24.1 get's it's new men, perhaps the totem in this view was the one that fetched £4000 at auction.
Were this 50's view from Kittybrewster South Box possible today it would only show the main line and Waterloo Branch, all else has gone forever. A service stops at Kittybrewster shortly before the station closed in 1968, the replacement air raid shelter is tucked into the embankment seen above the loco.
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