GNSRA, Great North of Scotland Railway Coat of Arms.

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GNSRA Wartime Gallery

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Kittybrewster 31 Oct 1940, among all the workmen clearing up the air raid damage its just possible these men could be from the Denburn permanent way gang as the shed was on their patch. Kittybrewster on 31 Oct 1940 after an air raid. Kittybrewster shed on 31 Oct 1940 shortly after the air raid.
Kittybrewster on 21 April 1943 shortly after the air raid. Clear up at Kittybrewster shed after air raid, photo taken on 21 Apr 1943. A bomb damaged coach at Kittybrewster shed on 21 Apr 1943, the inset poster [courtesy J. Diffey] was found still in situ buried under post war carriage compartment prints like those seen in the main photo.
The results of a direct hit on the Kittybrewster Station shelter from an air raid on the 21 April1943. Tragically four railwaymen were killed that night when they took shelter inside during the raid. It was rebuilt on the same spot.
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