The line from Maud to Fraserburgh was built by the Formartine and Buchan Railway as a branch off its main line (Dyce to Peterhead via Maud).  It was absorbed by GNSR on 30/7/1866, becoming its Fraserburgh Section. GNSR became part of LNER at Grouping and subsequently of the Scottish Region of British Railways upon nationalisation.  The Section was closed to passengers on xx/xx/xx, but remained in use for goods until it closed completely in 1979, notwithstanding the substantial freight traffic being generated by the nascent offshore oil and gas industry. In 1897, a line was projected, by local herring fishery interests, from Fraserburgh to the village of St. Combs, five miles to its east.  The Act of 8/9/1899 authorised it to be built and run by GNSR.  The St. Combs Light Railway was partly unfenced and subject to a speed limit of 25 MPH.  Although authorised for electric haulage, it ran as steam from its opening on 1/7/1903 (goods/passengers).  It was the last line built by GNSR.  A steam railcar was unsuccessfully trialled from November 1905.  The Section closed on xx/xx/xx.
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Fraserburgh and St. Combs Sections
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Fraserburgh St. Combs